David Levy – What you can do – A Practical Guide for Anyone – May 19

The children of the world are leading the way. They are challenging us to immediately improve things environmentally and they pull no punches.

We have been too tied to the written word rather than what takes place, and they are right. Somehow we have descended into sound bites and a world of communication that has a residual lasting time no longer than the next piece of interesting news.

It is pathetic and cowardly and children see it for what it is, an abdication for any quality future for them and they are angry.

Yes, things are basically complicated when you dissect them. But everybody can and should find something that they can do to improve their own personal environmental space.

Maybe you could sit down with your family and draw up a list that you can do

For years I took back to the supermarket every piece of excess plastic. Sometimes, for effect, I did this at the checkout. It was annoying for them but it needed the majority of shoppers to do the same thing to have the impact you wanted. How about talking to other parents to make this statement when they have their weekly shop?

It would not take long before this strategy had a positive response by the company who are ever mindful of shoppers’ wishes.

Changing lightbulbs have been an environmental change devised to save electricity and they have been successful, as well expensive for the shopper. This points to the overall attitude of shoppers that they do seek an alternative to waste and environmental degradation.

What other things could be done?

Soaps, detergents and cleaners place a strain on what the environment can tolerate. The quality of water is affected by all of us, unless we find alternatives to bleaches etc. These alternatives exist with little effort.

Coral bleaching is the latest concern. In this instance the use of sunscreens which incorporate certain chemicals is now seen as a factor in their bleaching and death.

Here is a small thing to action in your life. It will lighten the toxic loading on the ocean and expose corals to less pollution and a longer life.

We have this responsibility and it is such a small thing to do . It will impact on producers of sunscreen creams to avoid harmful chemicals.

David Levy


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