David Levy – Whatever Happened to Lazarus? – May 20

Everyone has their fifteen minutes of fame, it has been said. But like modern media, is that it?

I watch my television barely recognising anyone who is so-called famous, and I also monitor Facebook to trawl my way through mountains of trivia which seems to end up having said nothing. Is that the current medium of delivering fame?

I wonder.

Marinet has, not without difficulty, assembled in a rational way via the written word our thinking about matters of importance which affect us today — and for the future, via film and in book/pamphlet form. We have been critical of the status quo, and we have given our reasons why.

We have developed clear concepts for others to adopt and to take forward. Importantly, we have not followed the herd in their journeys because we feel they have painted themselves into a corner that delivers too little.

Yet surely each of you must wonder why we and they, collectively, cannot unite to form a bonded force for change for the environment.

It seems that as a movement we have become wedded to our cuddly toys to elicit donations and forgotten that we have a better voice for change than that.

If Marinet had its fifteen minutes in the sun what would we be famous for, I ponder?

I know what I would like it to be, but as I have yet to see the final version of Future Sea (new title for the expanded Conserving the Great Blue) by Deborah Wright I cannot commit to that.

I can commit to Sand, Sea and Sewage, the work started by Pat Gowen and finished by Stephen and Brian Morgan. But I fear it will need much more emphasis than the time allocated. So what would I choose?

The story of Lazarus is to me the ultimate in capturing attention.

This was the moment when Jesus revealed his true self.

The Son of Man, who could ask God for anything. Even to prove that, as the ‘light of the world’, he could ask the Father to resurrect a person four days dead.

As Lazarus came forth from the cave tomb, the shock must have been profound.

After Jesus left, what happened to Lazarus? How did the family cope with the aftermath?

Did Lazarus manage an ongoing life where people were able to look at him in the face? In other words, what happened to him?

We must speculate on what success could bring to our shores, if we ever achieve what we set out to do.

For me as a person, I would be happy to change one thing.

And I hope the rest of you are looking for your one thing too.

David Levy


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