David Levy – Who can lead on an Ocean Protocol to match the Montreal Protocol? – Nov 18

At no time in Marinet’s past has the positive potential for change been more enticing.

This comes about because people are beginning to awaken to the dire situation which the global marine world is in. The concept of global eco-system breakdown is not fully understood nor recognised or accepted, but the signs of awareness are more encouraging.

Few people know that it was our Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who understood and acted upon the crisis of ozone depletion in the stratosphere and the role of CFCs, once the science was gathered and presented to her.

What we need now for that same level of commitment to exist is political leaders of her standing motivating the world’s political scene as to precisely just where we now stand before we are overtaken by an irrecoverable position in our oceans.

Unfortunately David Cameron writing jointly in the Daily Telegraph on 29th October 2018 does not have the charisma or status to carry that role out, yet his co-author John Kerry does.

John Kerry was leonine in Paris and helped secure the Paris Accord. He could take on this role and working with the Hon. Al Gore and others could tip the scales for change. It’s exciting and doable.

Our Deborah Wright, who Marinet has been supporting, is on a trajectory of presenting her book to the world and has meetings scheduled in Canada and the USA to network for this change and an acceptance of her concept for a paradigm shift in how humanity relates to the oceans.

Marinet members have voted to endorse the work Deborah Wright is engaged upon, along with the support we are trying to give to her.

I can promise that Marinet will go any extra mile that is required to promote change, with enforcement, as a global marker which brings all humanity together to secure this vital and urgent need for change.

David Levy


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