David Levy – Who has the courage to launch into a braver world of real change? – Jun 17

Any environmental group is very susceptible to being hijacked if they are unable to work collaboratively with those who share the same goal.

If an environmental group takes advice, but the original provider to them of that advice is not prepared to reveal to others what that advice has been, or even their name, then caution favours a second opinion.

This means that those who are gripped by the intrigue may already have been side-lined. This is especially poor decision-making when legalities are involved.

Timelines to action, such as judicial review, are very tight and it is advisable to have your questions itemised and following specific counter measures which negate the defence of the bureaucracy you are up against. Things can be complex, and so well worthy of peer review.

I write this blog thinking of many NGOs and environmental groups who behave territorially and, in my opinion, as amateurs.

The proof of this, and of the abilities of many groups, lies clearly in the failure of the NGO Movement and the neutered status of their current campaigns.

Meanwhile industries have the undying support of Government bureaucracy with unshackled permission to abuse the marine world because the reality is, “out of sight is definitely out of mind.”

The fact is we are living in an age where I have no trust in politicians, in government agencies and in the structures that exist to run our lives. Once again I feel the French have it right, and Macron came from this same feeling by the public that they have had enough of the fraudulent portrayal of stability when none exists.

Until we can find the same courage to launch ourselves into a braver world and a brighter future we will be left with our country ruled by May and Corbyn, with their basic inadequacies, along with Ministries too entrenched with protocol to consider change for the better.

David Levy


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