David Levy – Who We Are – May 20

If a space craft from who knows where plonked itself down on Parliament Square, The White House Lawn, Tiananmen Square, Vaclav Sky or Kremlin Square what would be our reaction? Would it be an English, American, Chinese, Czech or Russian reaction, and would that be right?

Certainly the arrival location is important if done by choice, but it could have been made from convenience of flight. So would the reaction given by the local people be a correct one?

The way our world is structured, with one nation making alliances with some and enemies of others, does not bode well if the travelers came to Earth to discuss things of importance with us all.

As an elderly person and post-WWII child, I held out hope towards the United Nations and the idea that the world could function for the good of all. It was the ruling criteria when the UN was formed, but the weakness built into the system was the ability to veto a vote.

So from day one the UN was destined to fail and, when you also consider that The Crime of Ecocide was vetoed by the UK/USA, the basic concept of accountability was undermined as well.

Our collective history is littered with wars, atrocities and the will of one to dominate another. Is that the way it has to be? Can we ever learn or will we always be destined to be turned into pillars of salt? Or, can we choose something better for mankind?

We choose to build pipelines across the inhospitable lands of Siberia and Alaska for wealth, yet we choose not to build pipelines across Africa for the benefit of mankind.

We can get ‘Pepsi’ onto the streets of Timbuktu, yet fail to provide them with basic antibiotics to aid their people’s health.

Those choices are neither being promoted nor paid for by prosperous countries.

To do good, or to get richer. That is the choice.

We are on a path right now which, I choose, is incorrect.

I choose Mankind, not this current system.

I know what fixes us in our current trajectory. It is fear, as well that if we make others equal to ourselves they will rise up against us. They ‘need’ to be kept subservient.

Meanwhile on board the spacecraft from another place a decision has been made:

“Let’s get out of here!”

David Levy


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