David Levy – XR – anarchy or democracy? – Oct 19

Today, a day of infamy as people from Extinction Rebellion (XR) set the cause of environmental activism back by years.

The attack by XR, with the view to closing down the London Underground, heaped frustration onto the shoulders of ordinary citizens trying to get to work. Just as predictably, the situation breached good nature and peaceful opposition and provoked hostile reaction and violence.

This was the first example of what is fundamentally the flaw in this organisation. Too many people making decisions that are not designed to do anything other than rebel with no view of the consequences.
In other words potential anarchy and let’s be honest, there are many who want this and are there to deliver it.

Once again I appeal to the leaders of this organisation to choose those who can stand for local government, get your financing sorted and then get yourself voted in where you can do some good in a much better timescale than the mess you currently have.

Do the same for Parliamentary seats — and then you will have a platform that can deliver change.

Do that and I will support you. Continue as you are and it will lead to sanctions being imposed on you. Of that I am sure.

David Levy


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