David Levy – You make Marinet an organisation which you are proud of – Dec 14

Writing messages to each other at this time of year and catching up on news is something we all tend to do at Christmas. We may even meet up with relatives and friends not seen for a while. It’s a time for catharsis. I hope that you will find time to visit our website and reflect on the content and ask yourself — What is missing, and can I contribute?

Some of you will see your membership of Marinet in a neutral manner, and that by belonging you are contributing via numbers and donation. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with this type of membership. For most organisations it is the life blood of their beginnings.

Some of you will also see an opportunity to engage and to take your concerns about marine issues a step further forward. That means to develop a campaign, to find a team, to bring to light something of importance via an agreed strategy. That is what is on offer in Membership of Marinet. In other words, be integrally engaged to the mission.

Marinet wants and needs a membership who demand solutions. Who are prepared for whatever it takes. To find the funding to run campaigns, to do the research and the donkey work necessary to reach out to the public. It’s essential to be demanding of your Directors, and enterprising with your expectations.

In short, to make Marinet a name you are proud to be associated with.

That’s my Christmas blog to you all.

Merry Christmas
David Levy

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