More Coastal Hazards emerge

Beach hazards


The increasing serious loss of sand cover of our Norfolk beaches has produced a further hazard to beach users and swimmers, in that the long buried steel bases of World War II shoreline defences and the base of abandoned non-maintained sea defence groynes have been uncovered, leaving sharp metallic spikes, invisible to the unwary. A number of people have swum onto these or have trod upon them in bare feet to become injured.


Until the recent escalation of beach stripping these were well covered with sand, which has since been lost with the erosion following decades of offshore aggregate dredging. Now some are prominent, but many cannot be seen in the surf or when they are just below the water surface. They can extend from the low tide point right up to the battered dunes, as these photographs below show. They were taken by Helen Walker of Norwich when out for a beach stroll with her son Paul Davenport-Randell along Waxham frontage. He sustained a badly gashed foot as a result.

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