More on sonic percussion impacts

Since our Latest News websites items on sonic damage appeared ‘The Marine Wildlife Impact from Seismic Testing’ NOYO News has published more on seismic testing offshore to California.

It tells that at the California Coastal Commission meeting in Caspar California, Deputy Director Alison Dettmer delivered a bombshell when she announced that seismic surveys for the controversial Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant are not the only high-energy surveys planned off California’s two offshore nuclear facilities. She stated that whilst the Diablo air-gun survey “would cover about 300 square miles, in both state and federal waters, the latest SONGS survey ( San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station) would cover about 1,300 square miles.”

Concern has now arisen of earthquakes being triggered by the powerful seismic shock waves, as the plant sits only a few feet above sea level, and has hundreds of metric tonnes of highly radioactive spent fuel-rods stored on site in cooling ponds that are highly vulnerable to earthquakes, tsunamis, and terrorist attack.  The facility is protected by a 30-foot sea wall, approximately the same height as the Fukushima plant that was easily broached by 45-foot tsunamis.

Reactors at the troubled San Onofre nuclear power plant have been shut-down since January. One reactor was shuttered for scheduled repairs, and the remaining reactor was stopped in an emergency procedure, when it was discovered that badly corroded pipes were leaking radioactive steam into the immediate environment.  Since then, other badly deteriorated steam generator pipes have been discovered throughout the plant.  Both reactors are now off-line indefinitely.

For the full story read NOYO News under the title of ‘More “seismic testing” in the works for offshore California’  which can be seen at

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