Progress to protect Norfolk’s Hemsby coastline from erosion

Mike King, Marinet member, reports in his newsletter dated 28th March 2013, that progress is being made to save the Newport to Hemsby, and the Hemsby to Winterton Norfolk Valleys (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) from progressive coastal erosion.

“On 22nd February 2013 Pat Gowen and Mike King represented MARINET at a meeting of all the local coastal erosion action groups organised by Great Yarmouth MP Brandon Lewis. The main purpose of this meeting was to get all these individual groups to join together to present a stronger voice to the local authorities for action to combat the progressive coastal erosion of our Great Yarmouth area coastline.

“It was recognised that each group would also continue to peruse their individual needs for their respective areas.

“It was also agreed that the Environment Agency should be approached to ask to become the responsible authority for all our area coastline instead of having different responsible authorities for each section as this would promote joined up thinking.

“Agreed actions to be taken by Brandon Lewis, MP for Great Yarmouth, from this meeting can be seen in his letter to me dated 04/03/2013.

Brandon Lewis MP Actions from Coastal Erosion Meeting 2
“The recent North Easterly storms and high tides have caused more very significant erosion of the marram grass/sand dunes (their only sea defence) along all of this section from Newport to Winterton and if the same losses occur next winter these valleys (ANOB) will be lost so urgent action is required – see photos taken today (date of this newsletter).


Hemsby beach

Hemsby 28th March 2013


A Beach access point Newport

A Beach access point Newport 28th March 2013

“In my last news letter I mentioned that I had approached Natural England to take some responsibility for these areas, as they do for other inland low lying areas at risk of flooding. It seems that the Environment Agency could work with Natural England on this approach.

See letters below from Brandon Lewis MP to me 18/03/2013, letter from Dr C Beardall Environment Agency 07/03/2013 and my letter to Brandon Lewis MP 23/03/2013.

Letter from Brandon Lewis MP to me 18/03/2013

Letter from Brandon Lewis MP to Mike King


Letter from DR C Beardall Environment Agency 07/03/2013

Letter from C. Beardall EA

Letter from C. Beardall EA


Letter to Brandon Lewis MP 23/03/2013

Letter from Mike King to Brandon Lewis EA

Source: Mike King, Marinet, Great Yarmouth, Newsletter 28th March 2013.

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