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Southern Water fined £2m for gross sewage pollution of Kent beaches

The Guardian reports, 19th December 2016: Southern Water has been fined a record £2m for flooding beaches in Kent with raw sewage, leaving them closed to the public for nine days. The Environment Agency called the event “catastrophic”, while the judge at Maidstone crown court said that Southern Water’s repeat offending was “wholly unacceptable”. The […]

UK Bathing Water quality results for 2015

Defra has published the 2015 compliance and performance data for Bathing Waters throughout the UK, see here. In 2015, 415 bathing waters were monitored in England, 102 in Wales, 84 in Scotland and 23 in Northern Ireland, making a total of 624 bathing waters across the UK. Of these, 608 are coastal or estuarine waters […]

Marine Conservation Society launches new Beach Guide

The Marine Conservation Society reports, May 2015: “A new era in beach information — as beaches get set to meet a stricter bathing guidelines the MCS popular website goes beyond the beach. We’ve published our Good Beach Guide to campaign for better water quality since 1988. We can now reveal that it has achieved many […]

North East MEP tackles sea pollution at Whitburn

Europe and You reports, 10th March 2015: “The North Sea coast is heavily polluted, a new report has confirmed. “The European Environment Agency has collated data from across Europe looking at a number of different factors. “When it comes to water quality, the poorest quality showed up along the South coast of England, northern France, […]

Bathing Water compliance has an uncertain future

In 2015 the EU Bathing Water standards alter to reflect those of the new Bathing Water Directive 2006/7/EC . Official opinion is that the new Directive delivers stricter standards than the old Directive, and that therefore in 2015 less sea bathing waters are likely to comply than at present. However, Marinet observes that two facts […]

Fourteen of Scotland’s beaches polluted

The annual survey by the Scottish Environment Agency SEPA shows that many of their beaches failed the EC tests in May and August this past year, this far worse than last year when all were said to meet the standards required. The two worst polluted were Heads of Ayr in South Ayrshire and Lunan Bay […]

New Dredging Beach Hazard

A new and rather novel hazard has arisen on our beaches, discovered when an off duty explosives expert walked by a man exercising his dog by Lower Marine Parade on the beach at Dovercourt (near Harwich) throwing for his retrieval what at first appeared to be a miniature Rugby football. On closer inspection, it was […]

Bathing Water Results for 2013/2014

DEFRA’s Bathing Water Newsletter of June 2014 contains the Bathing water results of 2013, the findings for 2014, the European Commission Bathing Water Report of 2013 plus information about the implementation of the revised Bathing Water Directive. These can be seen on-line by going to: www.gov.uk/government/publications/bathing-waters-in-england-2013-compliance-report www.gov.uk/government/publications/bathing-waters-2013-projected-classifications-in-england http://www.eea.europa.eu/themes/water/status-and-monitoring/state-of-bathing-water/state/state-of-bathing-water and www.gov.uk/government/collections/bathing-waters

UK bathing beaches in 2013 of “high quality” says Good Beach Guide

The Guardian reports, 15th April 2014: “As well as helping butterflies and bees, last year’s hot and dry British summer led to a record number of beaches reaching the highest standard of water quality in nearly three decades. The Good Beach Guide, compiled by the charity Marine Conservation Society (MCS), said that in 2013 almost […]

The best and worst of Britain’s beaches, using your photos

The Guardian reports, 27th June 2013: “It’s not been great news recently for the British beach, according the Marine Conservation Society, the number of cigarette butts littering UK beaches actually doubled last year and almost two-thirds of the litter recorded was plastic and therefore unlikely to break down. It seems that wet weather in the […]

2013 Good Beach Guide reveals that sea bathing water quality in 2012 was “weather affected”

One of the UK’s wettest summers on record has led to a worrying drop in the number of beaches around the country being recommended for their excellent bathing water quality in the annual ‘Good Beach Guide’, published online by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS). MCS has recommended only 403 of the 754 UK bathing beaches […]

More Coastal Hazards emerge

  The increasing serious loss of sand cover of our Norfolk beaches has produced a further hazard to beach users and swimmers, in that the long buried steel bases of World War II shoreline defences and the base of abandoned non-maintained sea defence groynes have been uncovered, leaving sharp metallic spikes, invisible to the unwary. […]

Waste Water Directive to be watered down?

Are legal requirements to be changed to delude the public from awareness of the true level of sewage pollution of our bathing waters? On 16th October 2012 the Foundation of Environmental Education (FEE) announced a “Major increase in safe bathing areas thanks to the Blue Flag award” and that “the public in almost fifty countries […]

Innovative technology turns sewage into plastic

From Waterbriefing comes news of this excellent methodology of recycling. A ground breaking innovation will enable turning municipal sewage sludge into raw materials, to be used by paper and plastic industries around the world. The innovative technology developed by Israeli firm Applied Cleantech will enable turning the solids in municipal sewage systems into raw materials […]

Victory at last for sewage pollution campaigners at Whitburn, Sunderland

Stephen Hughes, Labour MEP for the North East Region is celebrating the European Court of Justice’s decision against the UK government for non-compliance with EU environmental legislation in allowing sewage to be discharged into the North Sea from Whitburn (see full judgement here). Mr. Hughes pursued the problem of sewage in the sea as a […]

Sunderland’s Roker promenade is experiencing seaborne sewage pollution

We record here a photograph submitted by marine pollution campaigner, Robert Latimer, of the evident seaborne sewage pollution that now affects Roker promenade, Sunderland. This follows on from our story ‘Blue Flag washed away’, posted 19th September 2012, about the recent loss of both Seaburn and Rokers Beach’s Blue Flags due to sewage pollution.

Man versus Sharks in Australia : the truce collapses

Australian officials, under pressure to protect beach-goers after a string of deadly shark attacks, have approved a plan to kill sharks that venture too close to people in the water. The plan, which was announced by Western Australia state premier, Colin Barnett, has infuriated conservationists and marks a sharp reversal of the current policy that […]

Action (at last ?) on Bathing Water quality

WaterBriefing Newsletter of 26th September reports that work is soon to commence on a £40m project to improve the ailing water quality of the Bridlington coast. This years heavy rainfall during the ‘bathing season’ has shown up the weaknesses of Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOsA combined sewer overflow (CSO) is the discharge of wastewater and stormwater […]

Blue Flag washed away

The story of the loss of both Seaburn and Rokers Beach’s Blue Flags can be read from the Sunderland Echo’s website under the title ‘Water shame! Seaburn Beach loses coveted Blue Flag status’ at: www.sunderlandecho.com/news/local/all-news/water-shame-seaburn-beach-loses-coveted-blue-flag-status-1-4920390 Keep Britain Tidy has also withdrawn the Blue Flag from 14 other beaches for the same reason, i.e. excessive levels […]

Unworthy of Worthing

WaterBriefing reports that for 14 hours on Sunday 2nd September many tonnes of untreated sewage was pumped into the sea at Worthing due to a “technical error”. According to Southern Water the pumps had become blocked the previous evening due to a build up of non-biodegradeable waste, so it was pumped to sea in order […]

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