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Deep Sea Mining : the nature of the resource, and the threat to ocean integrity

Prof. Richard Steiner writes in The Huffington Post, 20th October 2015: Adding to concerns about the disastrous decline in ocean ecosystems, now there is another emerging threat — deep sea mining. While shallow water mining for sand, gold, tin, and diamonds has been conducted for decades, commercial deep sea mining has yet to occur anywhere. […]

Legal challenge in US to deep-sea mineral mining

The Centre for Biological Diversity reports, 13th May 2015: “The Centre for Biological Diversity has commenced a lawsuit which sues the U.S. government over its first-ever approval for large-scale deep-sea mining, a destructive project between Hawaii and Mexico that would damage important habitat for whales, sharks and sea turtles and wipe out seafloor ecosystems. The […]

Deep-sea mining for minerals : a personal view

Miyoko Sakashita, Oceans Director, Center for Biological Diversity, writes 14th May 2015: “Have you heard about the disastrous gold rush brewing in our oceans? “Not content with getting minerals from dry land, companies are now aiming to strip mine our ocean floors in search of nickel, copper, cobalt, gold and other valuable metals and minerals. […]

A third of future mineral production could come from beneath the oceans

The Independent reports, 27th February 2015: “The world’s oceans are poised for a seabed mining frenzy amid a “marine industrial revolution” that threatens to destroy habitats and wipe out species, an expert has warned. “Some industry estimates claim as much as a third of future mineral production could come from beneath the oceans. “More than […]

Deep sea mining is about to commence

Environment 360 reports, 20th October 2014: “Armed with new high-tech equipment, mining companies are targeting vast areas of the deep ocean for mineral extraction. But with few regulations in place, critics fear such development could threaten seabed ecosystems that scientists say are only now being fully understood. For years, the idea of prospecting for potentially […]

Underwater gold rush sparks fears of ocean catastrophe

From The Guardian, 2nd March 2014: This is the last frontier: the ocean floor, 4,000 metres beneath the waters of the central Pacific, where mining companies are now exploring for the rich deposits of ores needed to keep industry humming and smartphones switched on. The prospect of a race to the bottom of the ocean […]

Mining for potash off the Yorkshire coast likely to secure approval

Potash development group Sirius Minerals is to obtain a licence to extract potash minerals from its 525 sq km offshore area of interest on the North Yorkshire coast – the largest component of the mineral rights within the York Potash Project. Sirius has said in its original licence application that the potash minerals lie in […]