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RSPB expresses concern over proposed Swansea Bay tidal lagoon

The Daily Telegraph Business News reports, 10th January 2017: Tidal Lagoon Power wants to build a world-first lagoon in Swansea Bay and is currently awaiting the outcome of an independent Government-commissioned review of the technology’s potential, led by former energy minister Charles Hendry, to be unveiled on 12th January 2017. But in a submission to […]

Economics and financial cost of Swansea Bay tidal lagoon questioned

Policy Exchange.com and Richard Howard comment, 11th January 2017: If ever there was a textbook example of how to go about Government lobbying and project development, then it is the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon project. The developer, Tidal Lagoon Power, has done a frankly incredible job of promoting the project to policymakers and financiers. The […]

Independent report supports Swansea Bay tidal lagoon project

BBC News reports, 12th January 2017: Plans for a £1.3bn tidal lagoon in Swansea Bay have been backed by a government-commissioned review. Charles Hendry’s independent report into the technology’s viability said it would make a “strong contribution” to the UK’s energy supply. Mr. Hendry said it was cost effective and would bring “significant economic opportunity”. […]

UK’s first electricity from waves to be supplied from site off Cornwall

The Daily Mail Online, 7th November 2016, reports: Britain’s first wave farm to be built in Cornwall: Site will provide electricity for 6,000 homes each year by 2020. The system will provide 1MW to the grid by 2018, and 15MW by 2020 Technology is different to other wave power as it’s completely underwater The government […]

Scotland invests in world’s biggest tidal turbine energy project

Scottishenergynews.com reports, 16th September 2016: Scotland will be home to the world’s first ever large-scale tidal streamThe flow of water through channels or around coastlines as a result of tidal water movement farm as part of a drive to develop Scotland’s marine renewables industry, creating jobs and investment. This was the key message from Scottish […]

Phase 2 of world’s largest offshore windfarm gets planning approval

The Guardian reports, 16th August 2016: Plans for the world’s biggest offshore windfarm off the Yorkshire coast are to be expanded to an area five times the size of Hull after being approved by ministers. The multibillion-pound Hornsea Project Two would see 300 turbines — each taller than the Gherkin — span more than 480 […]

Floating Scottish offshore windfarm gains planning approval

The Guardian reports, 16th May 2016: The world’s largest floating windfarm is set to be built off the coast of Scotland after its developers were granted a seabed lease on Monday. Statoil, the Norwegian energy company, expects to have five 6MW turbines bobbing in the North Sea and generating electricity by the end of 2017. […]

Scottish company launches world’s largest tidal turbine

Scottishenergynews.com reports 14th May 2016: In yet another ‘world-first’ for the Scottish energy industry, Orkney based Scotrenewables Tidal Power has today launched its 2MW SR2000 — the world’s largest energy generating tidal turbine. The company, which is at the forefront of the floating tidal technology sector, launched the 550 tonne machine at Harland & Wolff […]

Isle of Wight tidal power scheme approved by MMO

Isle of Wight Radio reports, 20th April 2016: A tidal power site off the Isle of Wight has been given the green light. Perpetuus has been given the go-ahead from the Marine Management Organisation to place turbines off the south coast of the Island. The turbines, which will sit on the sea bed 2km from […]

World’s largest offshore wind farm to be built off Yorkshire coast

The Guardian reports, 3rd February 2016: An offshore windfarm is to be built off the UK coast. The Hornsea Project One will be located around 120km off the Yorkshire coast, and span more than 407km square. Dong Energy said its multi-billion pound Hornsea project, which is expected when complete to power as many as 1m […]

UK Government ambivalent over Swansea tidal lagoon

The Guardian reports, 10th February 2016: The future of a revolutionary plan to generate electricity from a lagoon in Swansea Bay has been thrown into further doubt after the UK government unveiled plans for a six-month review of the wider tidal power sector. The promoters of the £1bn plan, Tidal Lagoon Power, said it welcomed […]

Tidal project to connect Scotland with Cumbria

Tidal Energy Today reports, 25th December 2015: North West Energy Squared (NWE²) is planning to build a tidal energy barrage that would link Cumbria with Scotland in addition to producing clean energy. The company plans to construct a tidal barrage across the Solway Estuary that would incorporate a road which would halve the distance between […]

Tidal Turbine installed on seabed off Welsh coast

BBC News reports, 13th December 2015: A giant tidal turbine has been settled on the seabed between Ramsey Island and the mainland near St David’s Head, Pembrokeshire. The 12m (39ft) DeltaStream device could produce enough power for between 400 and 600 homes. It was transported by an offshore construction vessel which usually works in the […]

Swansea Bay tidal lagoon construction delayed

Tidal Energy Today reports, 2nd October 2015: The construction works on the Swansea Bay tidal lagoon have been postponed due to delays in agreeing the subsidy with the UK government. The building of the lagoon’s wall was planned for the spring of 2016, but since the UK government is trailing with the finalization of contract […]

Government rejects major windfarm off Dorset coast

The Guardian reports, 11th September 2015: The government has turned down an application to build a £3.5bn windfarm off the south coast of England in another major blow to the green energy industry under the Conservatives. The decision on the Navitus Bay project off Dorset was unveiled by Lord Bourne, the energy minister, even as […]

New design for UK offshore tidal turbines

The Guardian reports, 7th August 2015: A British company has announced plans for an array of unique marine turbines that can operate in shallower and slower-moving water than current designs. Kepler Energy, whose technology is being developed by Oxford University’s department of engineering science, says the turbines will in time produce electricity more cheaply than […]

Marinet raises co-location principle for MCZs with UK Marine Minister

Marinet has written a letter, dated 13th March 2015, to the UK’s Minister for Marine Affairs about the failure to develop the co-location principle whereby MCZs are located in conjunction with sites featuring commercial use of the sea.

Scottish Government accused of abandoning wave power

The Guardian reports, 9th December 2014: “The Scottish government has been accused of abandoning wave power after one leading company has been forced into administration and another has had to shed most of its staff. Pelamis, developers of a floating offshore wave energy converter that looks like a large red sea snake, collapsed suddenly into […]

Offshore wind could be one-third cheaper, says energy company

Greenpeace reports, 14th November 2014: “UK offshore wind could be priced at £100/mwh by the early 2020s — £50 cheaper than it is currently — if a strong decarbonisation target is put in place by the next parliament, according to industry giant, Siemens. The comments came at an industry event sponsored by the Green Alliance. […]

Erosion threatens Scroby windfarm stability

The continuing dredging of aggregate in close proximity to the Scroby wind turbines has brought about a considerable reduction to the Scroby Sandbank and loss of the seabed, to the extent that the wind turbines embedded nearby are now threatened with instability. Three years ago the deeply entrenched power line taking the generated power from […]

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