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Southern Water fined £2m for gross sewage pollution of Kent beaches

The Guardian reports, 19th December 2016: Southern Water has been fined a record £2m for flooding beaches in Kent with raw sewage, leaving them closed to the public for nine days. The Environment Agency called the event “catastrophic”, while the judge at Maidstone crown court said that Southern Water’s repeat offending was “wholly unacceptable”. The […]

Hawaii’s coral reefs are being seriously affected by disease

When compiling a list of places that may be described as paradise, Hanalei Bay on the rugged north shore of the island of Kauai surely qualifies. The perfect crescent bay, rimmed by palm trees, emerald cliffs and stretches of white sand, has always had a dreamy kind of appeal. It was on these shores that […]

Waste Water Directive to be watered down?

Are legal requirements to be changed to delude the public from awareness of the true level of sewage pollution of our bathing waters? On 16th October 2012 the Foundation of Environmental Education (FEE) announced a “Major increase in safe bathing areas thanks to the Blue Flag award” and that “the public in almost fifty countries […]