Marinet develops a community-based coastal sea defence campaign for Norfolk and Suffolk

We provide here a Campaign Statement for lobbying to be conducted by local coastal communities and residents in the areas of Norfolk and Suffolk where sea defences are provided by sand dunes. These sand dunes are being seriously eroded, and this erosion is threatening coastal communities with loss of their homes and widespread flooding.

The proposal is that natural rock groynes, installed along the whole length of the coast defended by sand dunes, will ensure that sand once again accretes on the beaches and then become available for the natural regeneration of the sand dunes.

The Environment Agency (East Anglia) is responsible for the delivery of coastal defences, and the rock groynes can be financed from revenues collected by the Government’s aggregate tax. Marinet is proposing to local communities that they take possession of and run this campaign aimed at persuading the Environment Agency to install these rock groynes, encouraged forward by community lobbying of elected representatives in county and central government.

The solution proposed is proven technology, and is readily affordable from aggregate tax revenues. The key to the campaign’s success is community ownership and active engagement with its proposals.

Norfolk and Suffolk Coastal Defence Campaign Statement


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