The Humanitarian side of the Shoreline Management Plan

The Guardian published a remarkable Heart-warming and emotive story written by Patrick Backham that shows the impact of the Shoreline Management Plan upon just two of those victims who have put up a valiant fight to to try to save their homes from the sea, and the amazing level of ruthless authoritarian bureaucracy employed by the authorities to stop them from doing so.

It tells the heart tugging tale as to how Bryony Nierop-Reading of Happisburgh and Peter Boggis of Easton Bavents took on the powers and did everything possible to defend their homes. Sadly, David doesn’t always defeat Goliath, and Briony and Peter didn’t win in the end, but Patrick’s beautifully written article testifies to their resolve in the face of the overwhelming power of Big Brother.

Please click on for a really good read.

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