Film of California’s Central Coast Kelp Forest

Film of the marine life to be found in the kelp forests off California’s Central Coast. The marine life in these kelp forests is some of the most diverse in the world and this exceptional film and commentary, made by Terry Lilley (marine biologist and former pro-surfer) and his assistant Sue Sloan, records a world of extraordinary beauty, colour and diversity. As Terry Lilley himself has observed, this site and its kelp forests, although partially protected by state laws, warrants federal protection as a national marine sanctuary.

The film provided here is an extract from a longer film, available for purchase on DVD, from SLO Surfrider Foundation, PO Box 13222, San Luis Obispo, California ($20, shipping inclusive, cheque payable to SLO Surfrider Foundation).
Note: Please be advised that the DVD format is different in the USA from that in the UK.

More information can be found on Terry Lilley’s website and on the San Luis Obispo Surfrider Campaign website

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