Netherlands — Assessment by Delft University

Dutch researchers from Delft University produced a paper, Assessing the Impact of Sand Extraction on the Shore Stability : Project for a Methodological Framework, assessing the impact of Offshore Aggregate Dredging on the shoreline given at the 20th-21st February 2003 European marine sand and gravel Conference (EMSAGG). It shows by graphical and mathematical models the mechanism that brings about draw downdraw down The process by which tides and wave motion remove (draw down) material from a beach and pull it out to sea. A sandy beach experiencing draw down is thus denuded of its sand. The process can be natural (i.e. winter storms) or can be artificially caused (e.g. aggregate dredging, whereby the dredging of sand and gravel offshore causes sand to be drawn down from the beach in order to replace the material which has been dredged). and shoreline loss by dredging offshore.

However, it does not appear to do more than call for caution and more studies. Whilst these are ongoing no doubt the dredging will continue to destroy our coastline.

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