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Is Fish Biodiversity slipping through the net of governance proposed by the new UN High Seas Treaty?

We provide here access to an article in connection with the UN High Seas Treaty, titled “High Seas fish biodiversity is slipping through the governance net”, published in Nature Ecology and Environment Vol. 3 pages 1273-1276 (2019). In addition, we offer a Marinet Commentary.  

Marinet submission to House of Commons Environmental Audit Select Committee inquiry into ‘Sustainable Seas’

We provide here the Marinet submission, May 2018, made to the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee’s inquiry Sustainable Seas into the management of UK seas.  This follows on from an earlier Marinet submission, October 2016 to the the same UK Parliament Select Committee.  

UK Seas in Crisis : Will Brexit change things?

We publish here the full text of an article written for The Marine Quarterly. The Marine Quarterly has agreed to the publication of an abridged version of this article in its Summer 2018 edition. UK Seas in Crisis : Will Brexit change things?    

New Economics Foundation publishes “Fish Dependence, 2017”

We provide here a copy of the New Economics Foundation 2017 report which records and analyses the EU’s fishing industry’s ability to deliver fish food security from our own fish stocks.  

NEF reports EU still over-fishing in 2017

We provide here a copy of the New Economics Foundation report, Landing the Blame, Overfishing in the Atlantic 2017 which records how over-fishing is persisting within the framework of the Common Fisheries Policy. Click here to read it.  

Digest of the Oceana Report, Nov. 2016 : Exploitation and Status of European Stocks

We provide here a digest of the essential features of the Oceana Report relating to the Greater North Sea, the Celtic Seas and Rockall, and European stocks overall. We also provide a link to the original report. 1 http://eu.oceana.org/sites/default/files/stockstatusreport_newversion_0.pdf

Marinet publishes proposals for the UK fishing industry following Brexit

We provide here proposals published by Marinet, October 2016, which set out the principles that need to govern reform of UK fisheries management following Brexit. These proposals are grounded in an analysis, also produced here, of the seriously depleted nature of the fish stocks in UK seas and the reasons for this.

ICES report on condition of Sea Bass stock, June 2016

We provide here the text of the ICES report, published June 2016, into the condition of the European Sea Bass stock. Commercial fishing has taken the stock below the level for a safe spawning stock biomassbiomass The amount of living matter. This is therefore a different measure to numbers of organisms. So, for example, there […]

Fishing levels around the world are seriously under recorded

We provide here a copy of Catch reconstructions reveal that global marine fisheries catches are higher than reported and declining by Daniel Pauly and Dirk Zeller, January 2016. Publisher: Nature Communications. For viewing online, see http://www.nature.com/ncomms/2016/160119/ncomms10244/full/ncomms10244.html

EU Fishing in Crisis : Politicians are wilfully breaking the law

We provide here a series of reports, principally written by the New Economics Foundation, which demonstrate that in the years since CFP reform in 2014 (i.e. in 2015 and 2016) EU Fisheries Ministers have been setting catch levels for many of the commercial fish stocks in the Baltic and Northern European seas which are clearly […]

GM research produces plant containing omega-3 fish oils

We publish here an article from the journal Metabolic Engineering Communications, titled “Field trial evaluation of the accumulation of omega-3 long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids in transgenic Camelina sativa: Making fish oil substitutes in plants”, published in April 2015.

IUCN Report on European Red List of Marine Species, June 2015

We reproduce here the IUCN Report on the status of all marine species in European seas and, in particular, those threatened with extinction. The report also considers the management policies necessary to both restore and maintain the health of all marine species in European seas. European Red List of Marine Fishes (4MB pdf file)

Different methods of commercial fishing examined and explained

We provide here 3 articles written by the Safina Center, USA, about different methods of commercial fishing. Trawls — Bulldozers of the Ocean Gillnets — The Entanglers Dredges — The Bottom Scrapers   Additional information on fishing gears is also available in The Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution, 25th Report “Turning the Tide”, (Addressing The […]

Management of European Sea Bass: UK Parliament 2014 debate

Management of European Sea Bass: UK Parliament 2014 debate. We provide here the link www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201415/cmhansrd/cm141203/halltext/141203h0001.htm and also the text of the debate that took place in the UK Parliament on 3rd December 2014 regarding the management of the European Sea Bass stocks.

Deep Sea Conservation Coalition deep-sea fishing campaign

We provide here the full version of the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition leaflet, October 2014, which records the current practices, the current law, and the current changes in law and practices being sought by the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition with respect to deep sea fishing in UK and EU seas.

Marinet writes to Defra about MMO and Dutch trawler’s illegal fishing

We provide here the text of a letter, dated 13th March 2015, sent by Marinet to the UK Minister for Fisheries concerning illegal fish by a Dutch trawler and the resulting prosecution.  

Managing Fisheries in the Public Interest, a Report by the New Economics Foundation, March 2015

Click on the image below to download the NEF report.  

Selling the Silver : The enclosure of UK fisheries

We provide here a copy of Emma Cardwell article for the Land Magazine, Issue 15 Winter 2013-14, titled “Selling the Silver : The enclosure of UK fisheries”, which outlines how the UK fishing industry has fallen into the hands of a very small, select group of owners.

Marinet provides the EU Commission with advice on the principles which should govern its review of MSFD Descriptor 3

We provide here a copy of the letter, dated 26th September 2014, which Marinet has sent to the EU Commission concerning the need for a “strong definition” of MSFD Descriptor 3 which governs commercial fish and shellfish stocks.

Marinet provides ICES with full advice regarding the principles to be observed in the review of MSFD Descriptor 3

We provide here a copy of the letter, dated 13th September 2014, which Marinet sent to ICES in order to inform ICES of the scientific reasoning and need for a strong working definition of Descriptor 3 of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive. Descriptor 3 defines of “good environmental status” for commercial fish and shellfish stocks”.