How Zurich, Switzerland, has blazed a trail for Recycled Concrete

This is a copy of an article published by Bloomberg CityLab + Green, 27th September 2021.   It records how cities, particularly Zurich in Switzerland, are now trying to make all new concrete buildings be constructed from recycled aggregate.   In 2002 Zurich built a school using 80% recycled aggregate, in 2005 the city’s government required all new public buildings to be built using recycled aggregate, and the city is now achieving levels of 95% for new buildings; and in 2013, the city required the use of low CO2 cement.   This is against a background where, due to Swiss federal government law, the Swiss cement industry has devised production techniques for making cement which have reduced CO2 emission by two-thirds (worldwide, cement production accounts for around 6% to 8% of CO2 emissions).   Elsewhere, since 2019 Berlin in Germany now requires all new public buildings to use recycled aggregate; and in London in 2007 a building, 1 Coleman Street, was built using 50% recycled aggregate.
Original source of this item: Kiran Pereira’s SandStories Newsletter, September 2021
This item is a copy of an article which appeared on the Bloomberg CityLab + Green website, 27th September 2021,


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