The rates and impacts of sand mining in the Lower Mekong River, Vietnam

We provide here a link to a YouTube webinar recording (1 hour in length) which gives an insight into the rate and impact of sand mining on the River Mekong, Vietnam.   This is an academic seminar, presented by Dr. Chris Hackney, Newcastle University.   It confirms that sand mining of rivers in SE Asia is widespread, that the sand is being used as a key resource for the country’s construction industry, and that the present level of activity is not just overworking the resource (taking out sand from the river faster than it is naturally replenished) but also that it is having a profound wider ecological impact, changing the character of the river, altering the coastline, and causing saltwater intrusion into groundwater.
Original source of this item: Kiran Pereira’s SandStories Newsletter, September 2021


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