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Ocean Acidification explained in RSC lecture

In a lecture given by Dr Helen Findlay , October 2015, at the Royal Society of Chemistry the subject of ocean acidification is explained in detail. Ocean acidification is increasingly a term used by scientists, and reported in the media, as one of the big issues of concern for our planet: “the evil twin of […]

Ocean Acidification and its impact on Marine Plankton : is there a planetary emergency?

Marinet Special Is ocean acidification — the reduction in the natural alkalinity of the oceans due to the elevated absorption by the oceans of CO2 released into the atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuels — having an adverse impact on marine planktonPlankton is a generic term for a wide variety of the smallest yet […]

Ocean Acidification – Revolution World Issue

We provide here the link to the University of California YouTube video, Ocean Acidification — Revolution World Issue, published 3rd March 2014 which explains why ocean acidification, caused by CO2 released into the atmosphere from fossil fuel burning which in turn is absorbed from the atmosphere into the oceans, is causing a life survival crisis […]