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Petitions : Plastic Pollution of the Ocean

EU Government action to reduce single-use plastic — petition to Environment Ministers.
Organiser: Greenpeace

United Nations (UN Environment Programme) — petition to push countries to ban single-use plastic.

Tax on single-use plastic — petition to UK, Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland Governments.
Organiser: Marine Conservation Society (UK)


Organisations fighting plastic pollution of the Ocean

Greenpeace: Take the Pledge — agree to help Greenpeace to fight plastic pollution of the ocean.

Marine Conservation Society: Stop The Plastic Tide! campaign.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation: British charity aiming to inspire ways to re-think, re-design and build a framework for a circular economy.

The Ocean Clean-up: Dutch Foundation, led by the young inventor Boyan Slat, developing the technology and means to remove plastic from the ocean.


Organisations fighting over-fishing of the Ocean

The PEW Trust: End over-fishing in the NE Atlantic and North Sea.

Oceana: #Stopoverfishing — campaign in EU seas and worldwide to end over-fishing.

Greenpeace: Overfishing — emptying our seas campaign.

Marine Conservation Society: Good Fish Guide — your guide to sustainable seafood.


Other Organisations campaigning for protection of the Ocean

The Wildlife Trusts: Living Seas campaign.

Sea Shepherd: Non-profit organisation using direct-action tactics to protect the ocean and its wildlife and their habitat.

Surfers Against Sewage: People and community-based movement campaigning to protect the UK’s seas and coastline from pollution.


Additional Issues:

Concerned about marine (aggregate) dredging and coastal erosion — ocean acidification – campaigning for marine reserves — sewage pollution of bathing waters — enforcement of marine laws — radioactive discharges to sea – renewable energy from the sea.
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