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Russia: create the world’s largest marine sanctuary

There is one almost completely untouched ocean on our planet — where penguins, whales and mysterious squid roam freely. This pristine paradise could now be lost to industrial fishing fleets, or become the world’s largest marine reserve! Just one last country is needed, and we have an incredible inside chance to influence them.
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Ban Plastic Microbeads

Harmful plastic “microbeads” are unnecessarily put in the face scrubs and toothpastes we use every day. They are too small to be filtered, so end up in our oceans – and the creatures swimming in them.

David Cameron must follow other world leaders like President Obama and the Canadian Prime Minister who’ve banned companies from using these wholly unnecessary bits of plastic.

Sign the petition urging David Cameron to do all he can to ban these destructive plastics.



Save the New Zealand dolphin

 Four Hector's dolphins in recreational set nets washed up on the shore

Four Hector’s dolphins in recreational set nets washed up on the shore

The New Zealand dolphin is the smallest dolphin in the world. Also known as Māui and Hector’s dolphins, there are just four populations left. They live in shallow coastal waters around New Zealand. But very few remain and they are heading for extinction.

Fishing nets are killing these little dolphins at a catastrophic rate.

In 1970 there were around 30,000. Now there are around 7,000. And in 10 years?

At least 110 dolphins die in set and trawl nets each year — faster than they can reproduce. The total number of deaths maybe as high as 300 every 12 months.

You do the maths. In just a few years they will be gone — FOREVER.

You can help save them. Don’t wait.

Sign now and ask the New Zealand government to ban these destructive fishing methods in the dolphins’ home — before it is too late.



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