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A Tribute to Patrick Gowen, 1932-2017, who helped found Marinet and was its first Chairman

Patrick Gowen was a founding Member of Marinet at its inception in 2002 and its first Chairman. We provide here a Tribute to a person of exceptional calibre and commitment to the environment, and to whom Marinet and many others owe a great debt. May his example remain a standard for the future and to […]

A History of the EU Bathing Water Directives, 76/160/EEC and 2006/7/EC by Pat Gowen

We provide here the History of the old EU Bathing Water Directive, 76/160/EEC, written by Pat Gowen and an Assessment of the new Directive, 2006/7/EC written by Stephen Eades with Notes provided by Pat Gowen. The old Directive became operational in 1975 and operated until 2015 since when the new Directive applies.  

Sand, Sea and Sewage

Sand, Sea and Sewage The history of our campaign to address the health threats imposed by marine sewage pollution, and the nature of the response by government in the light of the European Bathing Waters Directive, 76/160/EEC. Author: Patrick Gowen   Preface The author of this article, Patrick (Pat) Gowen died in August 2017 (1932-2017). […]

Marine Conservation Society launches new Beach Guide

The Marine Conservation Society reports, May 2015: “A new era in beach information — as beaches get set to meet a stricter bathing guidelines the MCS popular website goes beyond the beach. We’ve published our Good Beach Guide to campaign for better water quality since 1988. We can now reveal that it has achieved many […]

Surfers Against Sewage Warns of 1,496 Pollution Events This Last Bathing Season

Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) have warned the public of almost 1,500 separate pollution incidents from 786 separate sewer overflow discharges and 771 predicted diffuse pollution events that occurred at UK beaches during the this last years ‘Bathing Season’ in England and Wales. This resulted in 212,772 real-time pollution warnings being issued to subscribers to their […]

Bathing Water Directive 2007/7/EC, full text

We provide here the full text of the new EU Bathing water directive which applies to all UK designated bathing waters from 2015 onwards.

Bathing Water Results for 2013/2014

DEFRA’s Bathing Water Newsletter of June 2014 contains the Bathing water results of 2013, the findings for 2014, the European Commission Bathing Water Report of 2013 plus information about the implementation of the revised Bathing Water Directive. These can be seen on-line by going to: www.gov.uk/government/publications/bathing-waters-in-england-2013-compliance-report www.gov.uk/government/publications/bathing-waters-2013-projected-classifications-in-england http://www.eea.europa.eu/themes/water/status-and-monitoring/state-of-bathing-water/state/state-of-bathing-water and www.gov.uk/government/collections/bathing-waters

New Bathing Water Directive for 2015

We provide here the full text of the new Bathing Water Directive [Titled: DIRECTIVE 2006/7/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 15th February 2006 concerning the management of bathing water quality and repealing Directive 76/160/EEC] which becomes operative in 2015.

New EU Bathing Water Directive

We provide here the full text of the new EU Bathing Water Directive, 2006/7/EC, concerning the management of bathing water quality in the UK and which repeals the old (existing) Directive, 76/160/EEC. The old Directive is not actually repealed until 31st December 2014. However the UK is currently employing the standards of the new Directive […]

Victory at last for sewage pollution campaigners at Whitburn, Sunderland

A historic, long fought for victory has been achieved by Bob Latimer and his supporters with respect to the illegality of sewage discharges to sea at Whitburn, Sunderland.

Surfers Against Sewage question the integrity of the Blue Flag awards for clean beaches

We record here research published by Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) on 6th August 2010 which suggests that around one-quarter of the beaches in the UK which are flying the premier quality Blue Flag are, in fact, experiencing contamination from local sewage discharges.

Pathogens identified in sewage contaminated bathing water

We provide here the full text of the publication Swimming in Sewage published jointly in 2004 by the US Natural Resources Defence Council and the Environmental Integrity Project.

Continuing Sewage Pollution of Beaches

From the many Combined Sewage Outfalls that have not been updated since their installation in Victorian times despite far higher population discharges.

EC to take the UK to Court over Waste Water Directive 91/271/EEC

The European Commission has today decided to take the United Kingdom to the European Court of Justice over non-compliance with EU environment legislation. The Commission is concerned that the urban waste water collecting systems and treatment facilities in London and Whitburn in North East England are inadequate and a threat to human health.

MARINET member explains storm sewage problem at Whitburn

from Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) being used by Northumbrian Water to avoid the building of properly sized rainwater and foul water sewers, and adequate sewage treatment works.

Press Release – British Bathing Waters

UK Government concealing serious health risks.

A Response to DEFRA

Here is MARINET’s correspondence with DEFRA concerning ‘Bathing Water Newsletter’ detailing the implementation of the forthcoming revised 2006/7/EC Bathing Waters Directive.

UK Infringement on Bathing Waters

The story of our work with the Urban Waste Water Directive

Wastewater and Sewage Treatment

The reasoning, the methodology, terminology and results

Blue Flags, Blue Flag look-alikes and Jolly Rogers

Just what do those blue flags mean?