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Marinet submission to EA on Bradwell FED permit applications

We provide here the comments of Marinet, 4th December 2016, to the Environment Agency concerning the application by Magnox Limited to be allowed to discharge waste radioactivity, heavy metals and nitrates into the Blackwater estuary from Bradwell nuclear power station (decommissioned). These wastes arise from the Fuel Element Debris (FED) process whereby metals parts and […]

Marinet evidence to Environment Audit Committee’s Inquiry into UK delivery of MPAs

We provide here the text of the evidence submitted, October 2016, by Marinet with regard to the delivery of Marine Conservation Zones by the UK Government.

Marinet raises co-location principle for MCZs with UK Marine Minister

We provide here the text of a letter, dated 13th March 2015, from Marinet to the UK’s Minister for Marine Affairs about the failure to deliver the co-location principle in connection with MCZs and the delivery of an ecologically coherent network of reserves.  

Marinet’s MCZ submission to Defra – Feb 2015

We provide here the Marinet submission to Defra in response to its public consultation on the Government’s delivery on its next (second) block of Marine Conservation Zones in English seas, dated February 2015.

House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee’s 21st June 2014 report

We provide here the full text of the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee’s 21st June 2014 report “Marine protected areas.” This Report is an important reference document, and contains electronic links to all the submissions and evidence submitted by interested parties to the Committee during the evidence sessions, both in person and by written […]

Marinet Press Release 21st June 2014 – Importance of Co-Location

We provide here the text of the Marinet Press Release, dated 21st June 2014, about the importance of “co-location” and how it can be effectively delivered.

Letter to Environmental Audit Committee of the House of Commons 24th April 2014 and additional NGO correspondence of 30th April 2014

We provide here the correspondence which follows up Marinet’s correspondence of 5th April 2014 with the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee. Specifically: Reply, dated 22nd April 2014, received from the Environmental Audit Committee. Further reply from Marinet, dated 24th April 2014, to the Environmental Audit Committee. This consists of: a: A covering letter from […]

Letter to Environmental Audit Committee of the House of Commons 5th April 2014

We provide here a copy of the Marinet letter, dated 5th April 2014, to the Environmental Audit Committee of the House of Commons which asks that supplementary questions be submitted in writing to the Defra Minister, George Eustice MP, about the delivery of Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs).

Fisheries reform and the restoration of fish populations can be achieved by “collective rights” management regimes, says Prof. Arnason

We provide here a summary of the paper presented by Professor Ragnar Arnason, Iceland University, to the 2013 ICES Conference. This paper outlines the measures, procedures and thinking necessary to restore global fisheries to health, and encompasses the idea of “collective rights” entitling communities to own access to fish stocks and to thus have an […]

Recovery in species and habitat as a result of the existence of the no-take marine reserve in Lamlash Bay, Arran

We provide here a summary entitled Lamlash Bay NoTakeZone research results Sept 2013, published by the Community of Arran Seabed Trust (COAST), which records the significant level of recovery in species and habitat as a result of the existence of the no-take marine reserve in Lamlash Bay, Arran. The reserve has now been established for […]

Marinet submission to the Defra public consultation on the delivery of MCZs in English seas, March 2013

We provide below the full text of this submission or download as a PDF.

Evidence for MCZ designations, February 2013

The UK government is claiming that of the 127 Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs) currently submitted to the Minister by his statutory advisors for designation only 31 are presently fit for purpose – and that further scientific evidence is still required for the official designation of the remaining 96 recommended MCZ sites.

Establishment of Fish Stock Recovery Areas

A report recommending that “fish stock recovery areas” covering between 10-20% of territorial seas of EU Member States be established.

An Illustrated Guide to UK Marine Animals

An in-depth illustrated guide to the various types of marine animals to be found in British seas.

The Ocean Planet

We provide here a copy of our publication The Ocean Planet — In this publication we review the serious challenges which our seas and oceans now face, and we outline proposals for fundamental changes in marine management to solve this crisis.

The Science of Marine Reserves

Providing the latest scientific information about no-take marine reserves, reporting peer-reviewed research from throughout Europe and globally.

European Scientists’ Consensus Statement on Marine Reserves

European Scientists’ Consensus Statement on Marine Reserves, launched and led by Callum Roberts, Professor of Marine Conservation at York University, has been drafted in an effort to bring together the European community of marine scientists in affirming the need for marine reserves and express our profound concern over the lack of progress in implementing marine […]

Response to Outer Thames (OT) Potential Special Protection Area (pSPA) Consultation

A well worded response to the Outer Thames pSPA consultation by Fisherman Chris Wightman acting on behalf of the Anglian Fishermen’s Association.

New Marine SACs and SPAs announced by Natural England and JNCC

Natural England and the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) has announced a new suite of offshore marine SACs and two new marine SPAs to be adopted, following public consultation, in 2010. These new marine SACs will join the existing marine SACs and form part of the UK’s commitment to contribute to OSPAR’s network of Marine Protected Areas in the NE Atlantic.

Highly Protected Marine Reserves and the Marine Act

A report on the MARINET campaign to try to secure the inclusion of Highly Protected Marine Reserves (HPMRs) within the text of the UK Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009. HPMRs are regarded by marine experts and scientists worldwide as one of the most important features of the ecosystem-based approach to marine management. However the reality is that whilst the UK Government says that it believes in HPMRs, it has failed to incorporate them into the 2009 Act. Thus HPMRs currently have no legal force or standing within UK law. So the MARINET campaign to establish a legal basis for HPMRs continues.

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