Marinet Special : Plastic in the Ocean

Awareness is growing of the huge, grave problem that plastic pollution of the ocean has created. We provide here a selection of articles and research reports published during the last 12 months (2017) which cover this “environmental crisis”, now considered by many to be as serious as climate change. These articles address not just the problem, but the possible solutions and, above all, the action we need to take — see Marinet’s new film.

“Plastic pollution is a crisis comparable to climate change”, say US scientists

Plastic pollutes remote uninhabited Pacific island

Plastic pollutes islands in the Arctic circle

4 Views on the Ocean Plastic problem, and possible solutions

UK Parliament committee recommends deposit return scheme for plastic bottles

Discovery of marine fungus which “eats” plastic

UK Government to explore taxation as a means of preventing plastic pollution of the ocean

Animals in the deepest ocean are ingesting waste plastic

Petition of 1/4 million signatures for plastic returnable bottle deposit scheme hits Downing Street

Think Before You Drink… water from plastic bottles

Microplastics in fish need to be monitored say scientists

Plastic from tyres is a “major source”of ocean pollution says IUCN

Worldwide petition to tackle plastic pollution of the oceans

For additional information about articles and stories covering “Plastic in the Ocean” click here.

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