Marinet Information for Applicant

You are applying to become a Member of a registered UK limited company run on a not-for-profit basis. No one owns the company. It is run collectively by its Members who elect a Board of Directors — see Rules for Members

Membership is available on payment of a single, non-repeatable Membership Fee of £1 (€1.25). Payment of this £1 Membership Fee means that a member’s financial liability towards the company should it become insolvent can never be greater than £1 (€1.25). This limit on a Member’s financial liability is guaranteed under UK law.

Marinet is financed separately from the payment of the Membership Fee. It is financed by donations made voluntarily to it by its Members. Although donations are encouraged, they are entirely voluntary and are made according to a Member’s means. Donations are also accepted from people and organisations that are not Marinet Members but who support Marinet’s work and objectives. Donations from non-Marinet members are made and received on the clear understanding that the donor receives nothing in return.

Membership is open to any person and organisation, and the presumption is that Membership will be granted. However applications for Marinet Membership are vetted by the Board of Directors to ensure that the application is acceptable and appropriate. This means that a Membership application does not automatically result in membership. The Board of Directors will communicate with the applicant on receipt of their application, and the Membership Fee of £1 (€1.25) becomes payable once Membership is agreed and confirmed by the Directors.