Terramar’s The Daily Catch reports on Marinet publication, Conserving The Great Blue

Terramar reports, 23rd January 2015, in its online publication The Daily Catch on the Marinet publication Conserving The Great Blue authored by Deborah Wright.

Conserving the Great BlueConserving The Great Blue argues that the rapid deterioration of the world’s seas calls for a breakthrough in our reasoning and a fundamental change in our behaviour. Deborah Wright says: “The way in which humankind despoils our watery world is depressing indeed. And even more depressing is the failure of governments to react. Those who we elect, who we empower and we pay for, are failing us and they are failing the natural world. They are allowing the cruel and unnecessary slaughter of millions of sea creatures and the ruin of undersea habitats. Some governments are making the problem even worse by subsidizing unviable and damaging commercial fishing.

“Now let’s imagine a different scenario. Let’s imagine that we take the dominant paradigm of over-exploitation and turn it completely around. We re-shape our thinking and begin with a very different perception of the natural world. Our respect for the sea and its wildlife becomes the norm, not the exception.

“The concept is simple. It is logical. It is achievable. The legal framework for it is already largely in place. And as with many of society’s steps forward, it is essentially about ending what is wrong and replacing it with what is right. “We invite you to help bring this proposal to fruition. The first step is to create a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) specifically for oceans. Take The TerraMar Project’s Ocean Pledge to send a message to the UN urging them to properly protect the seas and oceans.

Marinet is now developing a political campaign aimed at securing this new reality for our oceans described in Conserving The Great Blue. This campaign will focus on reform of UN Law of the Sea via action by the Member Nations of the UN General Assembly. To learn more about this campaign and Marinet’s work, visit us here.

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