Campaign Group, Goodwin Sands SOS, launches legal challenge and funding appeal

The campaign group, Goodwin Sands SOS (Save our Sands), has announced October 2018 that it is launching a legal challenge via judicial review of the decision by the UK government’s Marine Management Organisation (MMO) to grant a licence to dredge the Goodwin Sands which lie in the English Channel, offshore from Deal, Kent.

The MMO has granted the licence to the Dover Harbour Board to dredge several tonnes of sand as infill material for its current port redevelopment scheme. The Goodwin Sands are a candidate Marine Conservation Zone under the UK Marine and Coastal Access Act.

As reported earlier this year, Marinet challenged the MMO and the Ministry of Defence over its intention to grant a dredging licence because the Goodwin Sands are the final resting place of a large number of crashed WWII aircraft, particularly from the Battle of Britain when in excess of 60 are believed to have crashed there (German, English, Polish and American). Such crash sites are in many cases the final resting place of their crew. Both human and aircraft remains are protected from disturbance under the UK’s Protection of Military Remains Act 1986 — provided the Ministry of Defence acknowledges the existence of these crash sites and their likely disturbance. The Ministry has not been prepared to do either.

Goodwin Sands SOS is now considering a wide range of potential issues for its legal challenge.  It is appealing to the public to help it financially in this legal challenge. Their October mailing reads:

Dear Goodwin Sands SOS Supporter,


In just eight days we have received pledges totalling nearly £6,000 which is a fantastic achievement.  With the £8,000 raised from previous fund raising and personal donations, this means we are not far off our initial target of the £16,000 needed to submit our claim for a Judicial Review.

However, and there is always a however, this £6,000 has come from only 150 people and we have at least 5,000 followers we send emails out to. This means there are many more of you who we are sure would like to help and support us but have not yet done so.

We have to submit our claim for a Judicial Review by next Friday 26th October but we have an excellent legal team in Richard Buxton Ltd, who are proficiently countering all the bluster and denial that is coming from the MMO’s solicitors.

So, please help us continue this very worthwhile fight; make a pledge today and share this link ‘to death’ as Fiona [co-lead campaigner] so succinctly puts it!

Thank you and best wishes.


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