David Levy – Are we living in a world so corrupt we have forgotten what good is? – Apr16

Leading Marinet as I have done these past years, I have reported to you all regularly on many aspects of marine care, degradation and safety in the hope that the honesty of my blogs would trigger some reaction.

The only actual response so far has been by our previous parent organisation which took issue with our honesty, not the facts we were reporting on.

This has proved to be rather puzzling given that a primary focus of our challenge involving our fellow conservation organisations has been on the basic concepts of scientific validity. I can only feel that we have touched a nerve, and that this has engendered a scornful attitude towards us whenever we encounter each other in conferences or seminars.

Certainly, the organisations frequently do not reply to requests of co-operative work or even civility.

I have found that so-called campaigns such as the MCS’s MCZMCZ Marine Conservation Zone Campaign went so far, for so long, and then abandoned the principles and the campaign. I ask them why they are not prepared to defend the existing MCZsMCZ Marine Conservation Zone, and why they do not object to the infringements of existing MCZs.

They have been vociferous in their silence. I can’t understand this hypocrisy. All of the support which MCS asked the public for, forgotten . . . . and the rally at Parliament with Hugh Fearnley–Whittingstall, pointless propaganda.

When will something be worth fighting for? To go all the way and not be dropped when it becomes inconvenient?

Or is this an issue of how corrupt we have become, and most protagonists are now lost souls waiting for a pay cheque?

I have come to the conclusion it is the latter.

David Levy

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