David Levy – Can we make the law supreme – please tell me how and let me know – Jun 18

What will it take?

With all the talk, written wordage, campaigning action and dedication to world conservation, the facts of the matter are that the Wild West/East and World are lawless and on a downward trajectory.

Why is that and what can be done to change this state of affairs?

I have come to the conclusion that the world needs to be legally challenged. I don’t know how and I don’t know where it could be done but I have identified the body in the dock, the accused — and I think I have identified the prosecution.

The former is the United Nations and the latter are the people of the world.

We place in trust the Governments of the World to administer the laws and management of world resources for the benefit of current and future generations.

So far when it comes to marine issues, the laws exist but the enforcement of these laws is absent. There is a failure to administer these laws, a failure to provide adequate agencies to enforce these laws and, as a consequence, the laws are ignored in the main.

This is the scenario that has led to major pressures on our world stocks of fish and of the marine environment as a whole.

Words are not enough and actions, even of a draconian nature, are needed to establish the word of law.

That will not happen until the people call to account the body tasked with bringing together for the public good the management of the seas and oceans.

We need a UN based world marine body with the powers of stop, search, arrest and confiscate. With the power to seize ships and their cargoes of marine life, and to redistribute where appropriate. To operate with zero tolerance towards offenders, and with the power to neutralise any further activity by them.

This was always a step too far for a weak administration based on consensus. Yet if the people demanded that the Public Trust doctrine be paramount in law, requiring a new approach for the sanity of the situation, and requiring from now on a well managed marine world, then things could change.

I would welcome your thoughts on this blog. On how an international coalition of people could be formalized, and your ideas how best to bring things to a head.

David Levy
Chair Marinet UK Ltd


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