David Levy – Does the Aggregate Industry Usurp the Protections placed on War/Ship Graves? – Jun 16

For years now the Goodwin Sands, offshore from Kent in the English Channel, has played host to the Aggregate Industry who are currently trying to extend operations there to dredge sands and gravels. My concern is one of appropriateness of these operations in war grave and shipwreck sites.

The lives of dead seamen deserve respect and peaceful resting locations all around the Goodwin Sands.

Historically many wrecks are dotted around these shifting sands. My question to the Marine Management Organisation is one of the necessary reassurance and that the MMO states that all sites of extraction have no wrecks anywhere near them. Having seen the volume of wrecks since the 18th Century, I am not sure this matter has been addressed at all.

This is a short blog, but my wish would be that every relative of those who perished on the Goodwin Sands reads this and takes up the call for protection of the graves on those wreck sites, thereby kicking this upsetting intrusion into the long grass and from there into the arena of withdrawn licences.

David Levy
Chairman of Marinet Ltd

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