David Levy – Have you any ideas for stopping the rot? – Apr 17

I once told a close colleague that I believed the Devil was on Planet Earth working daily with humanity and greed to destroy mankind. Do you know what? It’s happening and he’s winning.

Put even plainer, mankind is on a journey of self-destruction.

Representing Marinet at conferences and Government sponsored events for the past decade, I am witness to the fraud that is exercised by public consultation and engagement. It means squat, nada, nothing.

It’s the sop which makes the public believe that they are involved in decision-making.

They are not, and as yet most are totally unaware and probably wouldn’t understand how they have been neutered.

Most of the major NGOs have taken the bribe of a place at the table with Government. This has no value and, like taking charitable money, has them totally in the pocket of Government.

What were they created to do and what was their function?

I don’t believe it was to make salaries for their staff, and I don’t believe it was to acquire property.

I do believe it was for people to work with each other and try to work for conservation. By getting the best deal for future generations, we could achieve this.

In the marine world that meant fish stocks that were healthy, not MSY — a Defra concept, meaning nobody understands it including the fishing fleets that have to deliver it.

What we have are separate entities — NGOs — which cannot, for those reasons already mentioned function together as opposition to Government, and business aspirations which have a simple plan based around greed and warped business thinking – Growth at all costs.

Marinet is looking for ways of delivering a future for conservation.

So over to you readers, any ideas for stopping the rot.

David Levy

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