David Levy – History Tells Us – Dec 17

The reason why Sir Winston Churchill became a National Treasure boils down to his Years in the Wilderness, where he predicted the coming war with Germany. Not only was he right but he steered the Nation as its leader through trying times to victory. Along with the Royal Family he symbolizes the nation’s strength, resilience and pride in its ability to stand up for what is right.

So what has happened to us?

We are close to entering 2018 and the reality is Government has effectively neutered every opposition to itself. Like every monopoly it hates to hear any differing opinion to its own.

That is a major mistake because it will has and will continue to lose its moral and social conscience, compass and direction.

The Ministry of Defence fails to use the law of the land to protect downed aircraft, ships and servicemen on the Goodwin Sands because of the cost and its implications. It uses different arguments, but it’s all about its accountability.

Other countries just get on with it. Where they have a moral duty to dead servicemen they step up and action it. Our country fails to do so. What it does is play an inter-agency two step and considers a dredging application on the Goodwin Sands instead.

It looks like this application is a small step away from approval. Money first, money second and the only way is growth.

David Levy

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