David Levy – Is change available from the General Election? – Mar 15

In May this country goes to the ballot box and votes for a new government. Having dealt with all parties during the past two decades when they were in power I have decided there is no difference between them when it comes to the execution of power.

They have all failed us. The common denominator to all parties is the continuity of the Ministries, the Civil Service.

It is my contention, and that of the Yes, Minister books, that the higher echelon of the Civil Service does everything to slow down change and frustrate developments unless there is clear profit for their Ministry. Like, for example, more staff on the books and therefore more power for the Permanent Secretary.

These people are unaccountable because the Minister is only tolerated when he is house- trained. That means he answers public questions with prescribed Ministry-approved answers.

It’s a farce, and is described as democracy.

In my blogs I have raised many issues but the underlying truth is we live in a fraudulent world where our understanding is shaped and formed by a media that has given up trying to get a better world for us.

They seek sensationalism and promote instant star status for extreme people and situations but questions that have real validity are ignored or avoided, with only a few people like Monbiot or Harrabin given an occasional comment space.

Therefore if everything is predictable, as I believe it to be, what can I do to rock the boat?

My vote like many others will either go Green and be wasted, or may switch to UKIP and watch the feathers fly in May’s General Election.

I am sure not to be the only person who has had enough of the blasé see-sawing of party-no-change politics.

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