David Levy – Is Defra ashamed of its “conservation policies”? – Mar 15

Co-location is a great idea for our seas, it offers opportunities to be creative and in the current climate of degeneration of fish stocks, a way forward to protect and preserve habitats for spawning and nursery grounds.

So it is with despair that a policy promoted by Marinet within OSPAROSPAR Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the North-East Atlantic made up of representatives of the Governments of the 15 signatory nations. and during the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 has been abused by the socio-economic lobby to deliver trawling in wind farm areas rather than conservation.

Well done, Defra. Guaranteed to deliver the exact opposite to conservation.

It makes you think that the officers of this Ministry are on bonus schemes for how well they can exploit the benefits of what we have left in our seas. They should be ashamed, but they are not.

Until the conservation lobby gets behind opposing Defra and its damaging managerial style then this criminal and corrosive practice will continue.

David Levy
March 2015

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