David Levy – Launch Day : Christmas Eve 2017 – Dec 17

Marinet has launched its second film WTF? Where’s The Fish? following on from Has Fish had its Chips.

The message is clear from Marinet, change is not happening fast enough.

Along with our films there is a catalogue of blogs going back 5 years which tackle many aspects of environmental marine damage, along with our developing Facebook and Twitter presence. What is said by us is unadulterated and totally unambiguous but it is not a message that is popular or shared, and the reason for this we have mentioned before.

Unfortunately, we are no closer to forging links with activists even though we’re reaching out.

By the end of the year we hope to also have a sight of Deborah Wright’s work which is near completion. Her insight into the solutions of marine governance has been supported by Marinet and she has been developing a tome for university study and application.

What is becoming crystal clear to me is that we are close to the end-game when it comes to opportunities for mankind to arrest the decline of the marine world. Our film is an insight of what is possible and in our view probable.

It is essential that we reach a larger number of people with our message and we are much encouraged by the response so far. Gratitude extends to Sarah Mallabar and Chris Packham for their invaluable contributions to this film. Thank you from me.

David Levy


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