David Levy – Lessons from History – Nov 19

Those who fail to understand the lessons from History are destined to repeat them. That is a maxim that is as old as the hills.

That the modern generations are not exposed to detailed history does not excuse those of us who do have such experiences to call upon.

Yet, due to frustration with modern day politics, we as a society are short-cutting our protections with relish.

We need to explain that anarchy of action is extremely hard to control.

This particular response is now the call of many who have reached levels of frustration with a system that is being abused, but could be accessed to deliver a better outcome.

All it takes is organisation which is not based on anarchy but on a new party with ground-roots support. Such an organisational approach is already proven and could deliver very quickly in relative terms. I cannot in all conscience support anarchic options when there are alternatives to choose from.

I recently had a birthday party on a barge with friends from my past and from London. I was shocked to hear that many supported Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party. Irrespective of your politics, what did surprise me was the level of support for an MP who is an acknowledged supporter of Communistic ideas and who has sat on the back-benches for years proposing these philosophical ideas.

I am not unsympathetic due to the fraud and deceit of modern day politics, but are these genuinely the best we can come up with?

Answers which are backward looking and with a history of failure. Surely not?

David Levy


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