David Levy – Near to Voting – Are You any Clearer about Making a Decision? – May 16

Has the quality of the debate on the In or Out Question realised any new thinking, or are you set in mind and resolution?

When the American (dead duck) President Obama addressed the British people, saying that by leaving Europe we would go to the back of the queue when negotiating with America over trade, I wondered whether we had the true picture for this intrusion.

What I do know, having lived in Ohio for several years, is that Americans are totally self- centred and self-serving. So why did Obama risk his reputation by lecturing us? Our so called special relationship has proved non-existent, unless it suits America’s interests.

The answer may be found in that well circulated mutual kiss photograph with Angela Merkel taken in Germany. Europe needs the UK — and especially so if America wants to withdraw from NATO or from Europe.

The advisors from each country will be “positioning” their economic power with new global economic blocks. The Pacific Rim (Japan/Australia/ S Korea/ Philippines); China/Africa ; USA/Mexico/South and Central America; Europe/ Eastern Block Countries and Russia; UK/ Canada, India and Commonwealth Countries.

It’s a concept which needs consideration and has, to my knowledge, not been discussed seriously during the debate. It will happen and is already in the process of happening.

As world resources dry up new areas for exploitation are being sought, and the closer the better. Markets with huge populations are the key too. These are the key factors to consider.

The UK has a unique body in the Commonwealth which has at its head the Queen — providing consolidation in this shifting world — which makes independence less frightening, but we need to consider gaining back control of our decision-making, to develop our future. That means unshackling ourselves from the federalised super state of Europe.

The alternative is to realise that Russia will become the major player in Europe within a decade, and therefore the question is now — Do we stay or do we go?

Whatever your decision, please vote.

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