David Levy – Rallies – Jun 19

Some time ago I went to London to support a Marine Conservation Society (MCS) lobby of Parliament over the issue of delivery of MCZsMCZ Marine Conservation Zone (marine conservation zones). At that time the plan of delivery was very disjointed and in truth nothing has changed since that rally.

Also at that time Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall was engaging on the media as is his want about fisheries being abused. Since his appearance on the Green opposite Parliament, HFW has retired into the background on this issue only to pop up again on issues of plastics and obesity.

Having a seat with Government should lead to interaction and influence. These NGOs have that seat, but this influence is tempered by their taking money through Charitable Sources and that constrains them from saying what is needed.

The reality is that the situation on all issues of conservation and, more importantly, on enforcement of the conservation of what is there has been a deteriorating picture.

MCZMCZ Marine Conservation Zone’s are now chosen for their identified features; but there is also a necessity to demonstrate a cohesive network, with corridors for movement.

There is also a need to demonstrate that MCZ’s do not allow other factors to invade their space. The fact is these other factors do and in most instances, as with dredging, the damage is under-reported and counter-productive.

Everything we warned would happen over MCZs has happened; and far from the promises given, what has actually occurred is a disjointed and dysfunctional government-led process.

When I consider the role of rallies, I am drawn to the role of Extinction Rebellion and have to wonder what aim of substance is in the minds of the organisers.

They seem to have struck a chord with public opinion, but the philosophy behind the movement is in my opinion very naïve and their wish list is for operating a country on the organisational basis of a kibbutz. Maybe a sit down with the bureaucracy of ministries is overdue but I’m not sure a stick of glue and naked bodies will dent that façade.

Meanwhile MCS and others have to question whether the Queen’s shilling is worth the price that they pay when it comes to letting down future generations.

David Levy


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