David Levy – S Lowe ECA letter text 16 Oct 2019 – Oct 19

Dear Stuart,

We at Marinet are involved in those things that affect the marine world and we try to encourage and speak out about changes for the better as well as those things that are under duress in this world.

It may have registered that the environment is becoming the focal point of activism in our society. In my opinion it is the solutions to problems that need to be discussed rather than just raising the issues and leaving others to provide the answers.

That is why I mentioned that in earlier meetings of the ECA members of Marinet felt that we were not being properly heard when we raised the issue of plume grounding in dredging.

At the time the ECA were involved in gathering data from surveys but we felt as we left the meetings that this issue of importance was not fully grasped, particularly the role of the sands and gravels as spawning and nursery grounds for species of fish already under threat from other sources. This was the issue which I feel was not fully engaged with. I hope that the results of information gathering satisfied the ECA on this point of contention.

Recent revelations by ICES demonstrate that fish species are still under threat therefore I am more than happy to feel that with the ECA and the dredging industry we have a colleague who looks towards adding value via the industry’s activities rather than adding stress to an already intolerable position.


David Levy


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