David Levy – The Fantasy World of Consultation – Jul 19

Why would you wish to waste years of your life abiding by rules and regulations designed to deliver the exact opposite of what you want? Is this a challenge? Is it that you believe you can actually beat the system?

The mountain of wordage and filled in paperwork followed by endless meetings where you know the people in power only want you not to be there. That is the reality. Yet there you are, manning the barricades, frustrated by decisions which just follow party lines and give approval to business as usual.

It has, in common with other environmental campaigners worth their title, made me wonder why?

Along with this realisation is the ‘compulsory’ acceptance of the role of Government Agencies who are part of the deception that states that these Agencies protect the public and the environment. The hoot is that the public who do not know still believe this, until they get involved. Only then do they realise these agencies are part of the design.

These Agencies have a prescribed function which they cannot deviate from and that function provides answers to pre-set questions. Having navigated the licensing route numerous times the Agencies often deal as old friends with company experts who also know how to play the game. Public opposition groups are often innocent to these games — but even if they aren’t, they cannot break the mould.

The system is in control and that’s that.

Even when a decision goes against the grain it frequently gets permission via appeal. It doesn’t matter what is right and whether health, safety and environmental matters are paramount. Within the system such matters fail to score.

Occasionally the public can change things, but it takes great organisation and persistence over years and most run out of steam.

When you look at the professional NGO’s — the so called custodians of our environment and our right to live safely in a clean world — they have turned out to be toothless. Make no mistake, that is because they have consciously allowed themselves to become part of the design too.

I have recently had a discussion with Greenpeace who wanted to recruit me into their ranks, only to run up against the fact that the recruiter did not know that approximately £2,000,000 of their annual expenditure comes from their charitable branch. Taking this money has political strings attached which pollutes the work they can actually do (the terms are: very limited ability to campaign politically because in crossing this line one loses ‘charitable’ status and all its financial advantages); and the NGO campaigners have either closed their eyes to this reality or claim they do not understand this.

When will the public wake up? Because until they do, endless poor decisions are being made and they will be the ones who will suffer from the consequences.

David Levy


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