David Levy – The problem and solution at the heart of the CFP – Jan 17

European Ministers meet annually to agree fishing quotas, supposedly to abide by European Law and to set TACs (quotas) in line with scientific advice. Sounds good doesn’t it. What is the reality?

Well to start with, the Ministers use totally different maps on which to set the quota — one map for the area covered by scientific advice, and another map for the area covered by the quota. This must be a recipe for chaos.

Now, can you tell me that this could not have been sorted out years ago? Of course it could. It hasn’t been because the design is to encourage failure, and for all countries to fish beyond scientific advice.

Our country, in terms of landed catch, is the most guilty when it comes to the fish catch being in exceedance of scientific advice, and our country has the acknowledged supreme bureaucracy which could, if it desired, sort this mess out. It doesn’t because the collective attitude of successive UK Governments is to defend our quota percentage, and not to lose out to any other country.

No country really accepts that they are part of collapsing fish stocks, and no country is truly signed up to ecosystem management of the marine world.

Those countries such as Norway and Iceland, who are more reliant on fishing for their gross national product, have management structures for their fishing industry which do not encourage collapse because to them it makes no economic sense.

It may surprise you to know that, following a blog made several years ago, Marinet’s viewpoint was personally endorsed by the Norwegian Embassy.

Brexit offers an opportunity for our Government to ally itself in marine matters with Norway. To do so could bring our fisheries under control, and set a course for fish food security.

Time for change George Eustice MP, Defra Minister.

Time to bring us in line with those who place conservation over exploitation.

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