David Levy – The Rule of Law – Sep 19

As a person whose shop was broken into and treated with such disdain by the non-investigating police it is easy to become complacent about what the rule of law means.

We all know what it should mean and in Stephen’s blog this month it is something he thinks we should all aspire to, but in this world of fraud is it achievable and more importantly does it have merit?

The answer is in two parts.

If the rule of law is enforceable and is enforced, then yes it has a chance. However the fact is that in most cases it is not enforceable because the perpetrators are nations, not individuals, who flout the laws they have signed up to. This means the country flouting the law has to be brought to account by an international judiciary which is not yet convened with the power to act.

That makes the rule of law into a paper tiger with no teeth.

As resources become scarcer around the world, the strong financially deplete the weaker countries and ethically this is wrong and will kill people in these countries. I see no sign that stronger countries are prepared to share the Earth’s resources, with more exploitation being the only financial function that they trot out to their populations.

They frankly have no other solution to the slowdown in growth and will never acknowledge the rule of law unless it suits them.

So here I come to the second part. I am more Draconian than Stephen’s blog because, in my opinion, we already have the laws we need to start putting things right. What was never envisaged or established was how to implement them.

Without tackling enforcement we have no chance of the rule of law.

Back in the 1960’s Gerry Anderson saw a world where an agency existed that fulfilled that role. I beg I get to be Parker. Who will be Lady Penelope?

David Levy



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