David Levy – This world requires two types of activist – Jan 18

New Year’s Blog 2018 to Members and supporters

This world requires two types of activist

One who is hands-on with a problem and seeks to find some resolution to their disquiet by doing something of a practical nature. Amongst their ranks I would place Sir David Attenborough and the majority of the environmental NGOs. Cleaning up plastics on the beach, raising awareness of the plight of the snow leopard, picking up turtles which head for the bright lights of the city rather than follow the Moon towards the sea. The list is endless as it is worthwhile.

Then there comes the activists who engage with the political arena seeking solutions to huge long-term problems. This is less rewarding because countries rarely seek to provide for the planet, rather only for their own self interests. Amongst their ranks I would place the Hon Al Gore who has given his all to educating the people of influence and all of us as to the direction we are heading. Self destruction! The tireless rounds of travelling from community to political forum have been taxing to his health, but he believes in his life of service to the planet.

Like the Hon Al Gore, Marinet has stood firmly in this corner of what is required. It is less rewarding because the successes are infrequent and when you think you have achieved something a change of a country’s president can alter the strength of the agreement. For breach of ratification, see Pres. Trump and Paris Climate Accord.

Why you may well ask has Marinet entered into this nefarious world when our influence is so paltry?

Others have believed that they could trade their campaigning status for a seat at the Government table in this country, with secured funding from charitable means. They may believe this is the way but the evidence is not so reassuring. They barely speak openly, in fact under charitable law they can’t so they have in fact become neutered.

Marinet recognised this fact and has chosen a different way. We have no salaries and no major overheads such as headquarters which again was a conscious decision. This is the basis and the reason why our direction is more focused. We believe someone has to do it, focusing on where the need is greatest and the truth has to be heard.

To these ends Marinet has dipped its toes into the new technological world, reaching out by blogs, film, website, social media and networking to broaden our message to the world as a whole. In our opinion so-called consultation with Government is a necessary evil designed to waste our resources and our time, and it does not change economic or environmental decisions.

We have to engage, but it is a theatre where you need to pick your battles very carefully. In other words, the grounds and opportunity to win have to have more than a 50% chance of success. This has dictated our actions over the past decade.

Reaching out means that we are searching for those people able to pick up the reigns of our organisation and have the integrity to steer it in the ways of influence.

To those of you who aspire to lead and make a real difference — we say, you have to have the same selflessness and believe in a life of service towards the greater good. It is challenging, tiring and at times hugely frustrating, but without doubt absolutely essential.

David Levy


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One Response to “David Levy – This world requires two types of activist – Jan 18”

Richard Crowhurst
Comment posted on 22nd February 2018

Organisations like yours act like a lighthouse to guide others in our darkness. Without them we cannot do anything about these massive problems. And progress is measured in not a month or two, but in time spans of 10 years or more, but by constantly reminding people and the governments, change is made. I liken it to the heading of a supertanker. Once we get it changing, we have to keep applying the steering force, but keeping it swinging is the goal. People will rarely thank you for what you do, but you make an imeasuurable impact upon our world, and for this I cannot thank you enough. People like yourselves change the course of history. You are a lighthouse in the darkness.

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