David Levy – Whenever – Apr19

I have lived a very selfish life indulging myself but always trying to do what is right and in line with my beliefs, which are broadly Christian. My will is super strong but I always try to listen and when I see fault in myself. I can say sorry and amend my thinking. The former trait dictates a set path in life which attracts few people, but those I do I truly value.

Discovering a passion for buying junk and selling antiques has kept me highly amused for decades and more it has kept me solvent and able to spend pocket money. Most of that is spent in the pursuit of environmental causes and campaigns which I have led again for decades. I live a blessed life where I have met remarkable people and more importantly recognise the shallowness of current thinking and the fraudulent nature of direction that is surely leading mankind towards destruction.

The answers are within grasp but the will to implement remains obtuse and designed to fail.

Whenever I build hope some news flattens my optimism and I call out to God to hear the wishes that most people have to live a different life.

I have to believe that there are more constituents of this planet that cry out help than lived in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. I know we have to ask God for change through, in my case, Christ because we are failing in our greed.

I also send my prayers for Polly Higgins, one of those people who could change global thinking for the better she needs the Hand of God to intercede so she can continue her work on Ecocide.

We need her and the world needs some hope.

David Levy

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