David Levy – You have the right to ask “Why” of the Government – Nov 19

The explosion in the manufacture of diesel vehicles including, importantly cars, had the benefit of improving sales by shifting buying preferences to diesel cars which led to the oil companies being able to treble their profits by lifting the price of diesel onto a par with petrol prices, and even to exceed them. Billions of pounds were also made for the Exchequer.

This decision was made in spite of the knowledge that already existed at the time that diesel fumes were harmful to people’s lungs and would cause deaths and increased health problems for future generations. This move to pollute the air quality was also well known by scientists charged with advising Government, especially with Climate Change also being a real factor in decision-making.

Why were these decisions taken — and does the current Government acknowledge its responsibility to the families of the dead from heart and lung dysfunction?

National Government has been approached and asked to mediate on the building of energy-from-waste plants which have been approved at local council level. The fact that Government has approved these planning decisions shows no consideration of many factors. Principally Climate Change and CO2 increases, but also the poor health outcomes from these decisions. At the same time local communities are insistent that they do not want these plants in their towns and, if the projects are to go ahead, that they need to be removed to an area where fallout is less harmful.

Why is the Government so Janus-like in its decision-making?

These questions, which we should all raise with the Government via our MP’s, are an opportunity which, if actioned, could bring Government to a standstill.

Why XR are you not providing all your members with questions they could hand out to their MPs and public alike?

Why did the Government allow Remainers to dominate the Brexit agenda for the past three and a half years when people of that particular persuasion were clearly against a speedy and smooth transition required by the democratic majority?

This why is a question for the Rt Hon Theresa May MP, our ex-Prime Minister.

David Levy


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