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NEF launches coastal economic regeneration project, titled “New Blue Deal”

The New Economics Foundation reports: On 24th November 2015, the New Economics Foundation (NEF) hosted a cross-party parliamentary briefing at the House of Commons about the Blue New Deal initiative. Thanks to Peter Aldous MP for Waveney, Suffolk, for making this possible. The Blue New Deal aims to deliver more and better jobs for coastal […]

Parliamentary Report criticises UK Government and says “Marine Conservation Zones are vital”

The creation of new Marine Conservation Zones vital to protect biodiversityBiological diversity in an environment as indicated by numbers of different species of plants and animals. in UK waters should not be stalled by Government fears of judicial review, the Science and Technology Committee has warned, but it is important that the Government consult effectively. […]

Greenpeace: “57% of NFFO fishing capacity is foreign controlled”

Greenpeace’s Oceans Blog reports 15th March 2013: “How would you feel if you were betrayed by the very people who are meant to be protecting your interests? This is what we discovered about the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations (NFFO) last month. It turns out that instead of standing up for small scale fishermen, they […]

Prof. Callum Roberts outlines the urgent task the new Global Ocean Commission must tackle

Prof. Callum Roberts writes in The Observer, 10th February 2013: “The oceans are changing faster today and in more ways than at any time in human history. We are the cause. Which is why I welcome the launch of the Global Ocean Commission, dedicated to ending the neglect, in international affairs, of the high seas. […]

Can N. Ireland’s Giants Causeway accommodate a golf course?

Conflict is synonymous with the Giant’s Causeway. Children in Northern Ireland are weaned on the legend of how its rugged landscape was formed when the giant Finn MacCool confronted his Scottish rival, Fingal, by hurling rocks into the sea. A more prosaic, but no less violent, explanation for the causeway’s genesis attributes the creation of […]

Marine biotechnology promises huge benefits, but at what risk to our seas?

Scientists have pinpointed a new treasure trove in our oceans: micro-organisms that contain millions of previously unknown genesA string of the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) molecule that is the fundamental unit of inheritance, so it is variations in the make up of this molecule in the gene that controls variations in an organism’s appearance and behaviour. […]

Large windfarm proposed off Dorset coast

A £3bn wind farm off the south coast would provide about 1,000 temporary jobs and 100 permanent posts, it is claimed. Navitus Bay will have up to 333 turbines just over eight miles off Peveril Point at Swanage, Dorset, and The Needles, in the Isle of Wight. About 1,000 temporary jobs would be created during […]

New London railway will result in new coastal wetland in Essex

The first giant scoops of almost 5m tonnes of earth from deep beneath London have begun to be delivered to the Essex coast, the first step in creating the biggest man-made nature reserve in Europe. The soil, excavated from two new 21km rail tunnels under the capital, will transform the pancake-flat intensive farmland of Wallasea Island into […]

Man-made salt marshes not as biodiverse as their natural counterparts.

Man-made English salt marshes are failing to meet European conservation regulations that stipulate they should be as rich in plant life as natural wetlands, a new study has warned. Salt marshes are coastal wetlands that are flooded and drained by salt water brought in by the tides, and are found all around the coastline of […]

UK government gives financial grants to 6 seaside projects

The Department for Communities has announced, 14th August 2012: Six seaside projects that will create vital new jobs and local enterprises are the first to receive Government backing to help their coastal town prosper. The £24 million Coastal Communities Fund was launched earlier this year to provide coastal towns with money to help pay for […]

Easton Bavents erosion homes plan comes under fire

Some considerable discord arose at an extraordinary Parish Council and Reydon District Council meeting with residents when an opportunity was given to people to air their views about a potential housing scheme that could see families in erosion-threatened Easton Bavents moved to nine new properties at Rissmere Lane East, Reydon. The tabled plan claimed to […]