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Clayoquot Sound, British Columbia, to petition Norway to end salmon farming

Indiegogo.com reports, November 2015: Clayoquot Sound UNESCO Biosphere Reserve near Tofino, British Columbia, is the Last Great Rainforest on Vancouver Island — world famous for monumental cedars, bears, wolves and whales. It is home to the Hesquiaht, Ahousaht and Tla-o-qui-aht First Nations. Wild salmon are the lifeblood of these ancient forests and cultures, providing food and […]

GM salmon encounters regulatory problems

The Inter Press News Service, Washington USA, reports, 29th October 2014: “Officials in Panama have fined the local facility of a U.S. biotechnology company for a series of permitting and regulatory failures around a pioneering attempt to create genetically modified salmon. The experiments are being carried out by researchers for AquaBounty Technologies, which currently has […]

Will the SE Asian hybrid Grouper be the next “frankenfish”?

Johnny Langenheim in The Guardian reports, 20th June 2014: “The fast-growing super salmon produced by American biotech company Aquabounty Technologies are poised to become the first genetically modified animals to hit food markets in the US, with approval from authorities widely expected later this year. But AquAdvantage® salmon has made headlines because of the potential […]

National Geographic article considers whether fish farming can be sustainable

The National Geographic has published an article in its June 2014 edition which reports that farmed fish now supply 47% of the world’s consumption of fish, relative to 53% harvested from wild sources from the oceans. The article also reports on the environmental and ecological issues surrounding fish farming, and looks at fish farming models […]

What will the world inherit from GM salmon – the death of the wild oceans?

We provide here the text, with a Marinet comment as a footnote, of an article published 12th May 2014 by Dr. Gerry Goeden in the Independent Science News. The title of the original article is: What will the world inherit from GM salmon? Dr. Goeden [biographical details below] states: “It’s true — about 50 percent […]

Major “step forward” in commercial licensing of GM salmon

The Guardian reports, 26th November 2013: “Canada has given the go-ahead to commercial production of genetically modified salmon eggs, bringing the world’s first GM food animal closer to supermarkets and dinner tables. In a decision buried in routine business in the Canada Gazette, Environment Canada said it had granted a US biotechnology firm, AquaBounty Technologies […]

Fly larvae “factory” to manufacture food for fish farms

The Guardian reports, 4th October 2013: “South Africa is building a massive insect-rearing factory where thousands of flies will be fattened on food industry leftovers — animal manure, blood and brains from abattoirs — to produce food for farmed fish that will ultimately be eaten by people. When the factory opens in spring 2014, thousands […]

GM salmon being farm reared in Panama

The Guardian reports, 24th April 2013: Supersized genetically modified salmon grown fast and fat and after years of wrangling, are ready for market – but is the market ready for them? And why is the firm hidden away in Panama? It is hard to think of a more unlikely setting for genetic experimentation or for […]

Petition and further action challenge proposed licensing of GM salmon

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is shortly expected to license an application by the biotech firm, AquaBounty, for commercial breeding of a GM salmon. We provide below a short Marinet Briefing on why this is potentially so dangerous, and advise on the action which consumers can take in the UK. At the same […]

As Scottish fish farming grows, so does pesticide use

As salmon farming in Scotland increases so does the use of chemicals to kill parasites. Here’s the data that explains the chemicals used and how the levels have dramatically changed. For the first time, a full list of the chemicals used to control the sea lice parasite on every Scottish salmon farm has been disclosed […]

Scottish company has visionary proposals for the sustainable farming of salmon on land

Scottish salmon is facing a challenge to its reputation as one of Britain’s best loved everyday luxuries, with scares over diseases and sea lice, heavy use of pesticides and seal killing raising fears about its environmental impact. A new fish-farming company called Fishfrom believes it can help solve the industry’s problem, and even partly solve […]

Increased use of pesticides in Scottish fish farming is being challenged by a petition

The Care2petition website is carrying the following advice: “Fish farming is not always environmentally friendly, especially when it involves the use of large quantities of agricultural pesticides. In Scotland, intensive salmon farms use large quantities of pesticides to keep fish pests, notably sea lice under control. The sea lice are now developing resistance, and the […]